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May Parish magazine published

The May 2019 issue of the Parish Magazine has been published, copies should be dropping through your letterboxes this week.

For those that can't wait and would like a early look, you can download a full copy from the Eardisland Parish Magazine section of this website.

Village Hall Management Committee Minutes March 2019

The minutes of the EVHMC from March 27th 2019 are available here.

Anti-Social Behaviour

I've been made aware that on Sunday 31st March there were several incidents in the village, early evening, involving three young males, 16 - 25 years. The incidents ranged from banging on doors / windows, to approaching children on the recreation ground, apparently offering drugs. Police were not called at the time, but were alerted and attended the following day. It appears the offenders live in Eardisland, but were not visited by police and words of advice were offered to one of the badly shaken victims. This report is simply to raise awareness and to report any further incidents to the police as soon as possible.
Phil Milchard (Parish Councillor)
UPDATE 5.4.19
This afternoon, together with one of Sunday's victims, I met with the manager of a care home in Lyme Lane. The full extent of the incidents were explained to her and, although she had been made aware of them, she appeared shocked at their full nature. The persons concerned in the incidents are confirmed as being from the home, two boys aged 16 and their supervising carer, who joined the boys in running off when challenged!
The premises puts a roof over the heads of youngsters aged between 16 - 18 years, who come from broken homes and is allowed to look after up to three youngsters at a time, supervised at all times by two carers, who sleep in on a rota basis. 
The main culprit I'm told, has severe learning difficulties and the manager assured us that he is now permanently grounded and should not be seen in the village again. I have asked for these incidents to be raised at the next parish council on 18th April with a view to an official letter of complaint be sent. Cllr Roger Phillips has also been informed and asked to confirm the county councils role with the home. To my knowledge the parish council has never been informed of the presence of the premises.
I feel it is important for residents, rightly distressed by the nature of the incidents, to be reassured that it is very unlikely we will see a repeat in the future, but should it do so, to call police immediately and allow them to deal with it.
Phil Milchard

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