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Talk on hedgerows and trees in the Herefordshire landscape

Jon Stokes, a director at The Tree Council, will be giving a talk in Eardisland Village Hall on "The Importance of Hedgerows and Their Trees to The Herefordshire Landscape" at 7pm on Monday 30th March.  Doors open at 6.30pm. 

Community Flood Recovery Grants

Information below has been supplied by Roger Philips (Ward Councillor) from Steve Hodges at Herefordshire Council

October & November flooding

Herefordshire Council appreciates what a difficult time this has been for people recently and has launched hardship schemes to residents and businesses whose homes or businesses have been flooded. This includes a Community Flood Recovery Grant worth £500 to each affected household. In order to qualify for the assistance, flood water must have entered the habitable areas of their property, or the residence has been considered unliveable for any period of time due to flooding. Alongside this is a Business Flood Recovery Grant, which will provide up to £2,500 per eligible small and medium-sized business. To qualify, businesses must be able to demonstrate that they have directly impacted or have directly suffered a loss of trade as a result of the flooding that cannot be recovered from insurance.

Please can you let people in your area know that the application process has now opened and that they can apply online at

In addition, I can also confirm that 100% Council Tax discount is available for 3 months for primary residence where, as a result of the relevant weather event:

Flood water entered into the habitable areas; OR

Flood water did not enter into the habitable areas, but the local authority regards that the residence was otherwise considered unliveable for any period of time, for example:

where access to the property is severely restricted (e.g. upper floor flats with no access);
key services such as sewerage, draining, and electricity are severely affected;
the adverse weather has resulted in other significant damage to the property such that it would be, or would have been, advisable for residents to vacate the premises for any period of time.

Furthermore, 100% business rate discount for 3 months (up to state aid de minimis levels) is available for primary residence in the following circumstances:

The hereditament was directly impacted by the relevant weather event - for instance flood damage to the property, equipment, and/or stock; or; the business could not function due to lack of access to premises, equipment and/or stock as a result of the relevant weather event, and no alternatives were available; AND

On that day business activity undertaken at the hereditament was adversely affected as a result; AND
On that day the rateable value of the hereditament was less than £10 million.

Again, please can you let people in your area know that if the above criteria is satisfied, they can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will arrange for a visiting officer to attend the property to verify the situation.

We are aware that not everyone who suffered from flooding contacted the emergency services or the council for help and so would like to encourage anybody who has been affected by flooding to get in touch and report any issues online at

I trust this is of some assistance.

Steve Hodges

Directorate Services Team Leader

01432 261923

07792 881568

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

January Parish magazine published

The January 2020 issue of the Parish Magazine has been published, copies should be dropping through your letterboxes this week.

For those that can't wait and would like a early look, you can download a full copy from the Eardisland Parish Magazine section of this website.

Future of the Village Picnic

Eardisland Village Hall Management Committee were pleased with the reception of the village picnic in June and would like to propose to all community groups that it be repeated next year as a wider community event.

EVHMC would continue to “ host” the event so that it can be covered by our public liability insurance, but we would like to invite all Eardisland community groups to share in the event to represent their own group’s activities. It could be that you might wish to advertise the work you do and promote coming events, have a fun activity/sales stall to raise funds for your work, try and recruit support and volunteers or indeed any other suitable purpose. The only caveat we would suggest is that we co-operate with regard to activities as fifteen tombola stalls might be too much in one afternoon!If you can think of any additional ways of using this event please let us know.

At the moment this is simply an idea; if there is any interest in growing the picnic into a full community event we can begin to take it further. It would be helpful if you could respond to this suggestion so that we can gauge the amount of interest and harvest any useful suggestions.

Carole Millin


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