French Cheese and Wine Evening Saturday 7 April and May Twinning visit to La Vielle Lyre

French Wine and Cheese Evening: Saturday 7th April 2018


In response to requests for a repeat of the successful 2016 and 2017 events, a further French Wine and Cheese Evening is being hosted by Eardisland Twinning Association on Saturday 7th April 2018, 7.00pm-9.00pm, in Eardisland Village Hall. 


Tickets at £5, to include your first glass of wine/juice and a portion of French cheeses, will be available from Eardisland Community Shop from Monday 12th March. (If you would like me to reserve you a ticket, please just let me know by email or on 07773 706147.) There will also be a wine/juice bar on the night.
Please spread the word - everyone is very welcome. I attach for your information a poster about the event.
And... offers of help with setting up/clearing away on the evening or of donations for the raffle would also be most warmly received!

Visit to La Vieille Lyre: Saturday May 26th to Tuesday May 29th 2018


Our next invitation to La Vieille Lyre is now confirmed and will take place during the bank holiday weekend at the beginning of the summer half-term break, arriving by the evening of Saturday 26th May and leaving after breakfast on Tuesday 29th May. Again, everyone is most welcome.


In the past, we have always sought the most cost-effective way of travelling to La Vieille Lyre as a group and should this be of interest to you, I would be very happy to investigate possibilities for our next visit. As an alternative, it would also be possible to travel independently to La Vieille Lyre and perhaps to make a longer holiday by travelling before/after the Twinning weekend to a campsite/ gîte/ AirbnB/ hotel elsewhere in France.


To give a flavour of the Twinning programme, there is likely to be one whole group aperitif/dinner for all guests and hosts (we have always been spoiled in the past); two other dinners in small groups of families on a rotational basis (guests and hosts remaining together but pairing up with different guests and hosts on different evenings); and whole group outings and visits and small group visits, according to taste. I have been lucky enough to go on every visit since 2005 and the programmes have always been superb.


I do understand that some people new to Twinning might feel anxious about staying with a family if they do not have any French. However, this has never proven to be a problem in the past and some of our French friends do speak some English. It is also amazing how well you can communicate using gestures and Google translate – and it is often great fun, too!


The only costs involved for us are travel and a small gift for our hosts – otherwise we are very much guests of La Vieille Lyre. This arrangement is then reversed when the French come to us. However, there is absolutely no obligation to host your hosts on any return visit by the French to Eardisland – although many strong friendships have indeed been formed and this has often happened naturally. Deluxe accommodation is also not a requirement; a bedroom (maybe with camp beds for any children) and use of a bathroom is all that is required.


If you would like to know more, please do contact me at your earliest convenience and by Friday 16th February at the latest, please. I look forward to hearing from you!


Ruth Brinton-Bivand

Chair, Eardisland Twinning Association

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

07773 706147

01544 388375

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