Eardisland Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

Eardisland Neighbourhood Development Plan has completed examination and is now progressed to Referendum. The Plan for the Referendum and it's Annex can be accessed below, along with all other relevant documents.

Eardisland Draft Neighbourhood Plan with post-examination modifications final

Eardisland Neighbourhood Plan Annex for Plan

Eardisland Decision Statement following examination July 16

Eardisland NDP Report of Independent Examination 120716


Eardisland Draft Neighbourhood Plan for Submission 19.3.16 Final

Eardisland Basic Conditions Statement 11.3.16 Final

Eardisland Consultation Statement 11.3.16 Final

Eardisland submission letter



Report of NDP Community Consultation October 2015

Results and comments 9-10.10.15

Display pages for Community Consultation October 2015

Report of Options Consultation Open Events November 2014

Options consultation results and responses November 2014

Protected views responses November 2014

Display pages for Options Consultation November 2014

Eardisland Community Led Plan 2012 2013

What is the Neighbourhood Development Plan?
Our Plan will give us new rights to shape the development of Eardisland up to 2031. It will allow us to identify where development can be, what type of property can be built and to designate areas for open space, leisure, commerce and business. The Plan is in the very early stages of being written by a Steering Group on behalf of Eardisland Parish Council. Once you have had your input into the first draft, it will be available to all parishioners for further comment. The Plan will then be re-drafted to take account of your feedback and will be scrutinised by an independent national examiner to ensure conformity with local and national policy. Finally, the Plan will be subject to a referendum of all on the electoral roll for Eardisland Parish. With a simple majority, our Plan will become enshrined in law.

How does it affect me?
Our approved Plan will be used by Herefordshire Council to make decisions on all planning applications in Eardisland. It is vital that we come together now as residents of the Parish to share ideas and build consensus about what needs to be done within our community.

Who is currently on the Steering Group?

George Alderson
Ruth Brinton-Bivand - 388375
John Edwards - 388554
Barry Freeman - 388226
Maryan Hanson - 388850
Richard Kirby (Chair) - 388810
Caroline Marsden (Vice-Chair) - 388868
Elaine Smith - 387903
Alison Sutton (supporting the Group as Parish Clerk) - 07789 322771
Hugh Vernon - 07801 584351

Jo South

Brian Pollard

Can I get involved?
Yes, please! Once Examination is completed and final amendments are made to the Plan, a referendum of all those on the electoral register will be held. PLEASE VOTE.

Richard Kirby (Chair) and Caroline Marsden (Vice-Chair)

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