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Latest Issue - March 2021

Eardisland Parish Magazine March 2021


Now that Spring is well on the way, it seems to me that the general mood is improving. Many parishioners have received the first of the two Covid-19 vaccinations, although it should be noted that this does not mean ‘return to normal’ – especially until three weeks have elapsed after the inoculation. Thereafter, please follow the official advice, which amounts to ‘minimise social contact’.

Whilst things are slowly getting better, with schools returning on the day I am writing this, it is likely that Covid will always be around, possibly requiring annual vaccinations to keep variants at bay. We shall see. All this raises the question: what will normal look like? It will doubtless be the case that some businesses will not reopen, main high streets will look different, and many workers will either work entirely from home, or visit offices less frequently. All these changes will change the whole ecosystem of transport, hospitality, and all manner of support agencies in the larger city centres, and a ripple effect will affect us too, even in this small community. At the local level, I have every admiration for the hospitality businesses that have tried everything to keep going – The Cross, The White Swan and Rita’s Tearooms. Good luck to them all.

I have heard of some ‘dognapping’ in the area. Apparently, dogs are being stolen to sell on. A white van was reportedly seen in the village associated with this activity. I don’t need to say that this is potentially very distressing to victims of this crime – both dog and owner. Please exercise caution and report suspicious activity (phone 101, or 999 if urgent).

Chris Bivand



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